Website Security With SSL

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What does it mean to have a secure website?

A secure website is one that is protected with a security certificate.  A security certificate is used to encrypt the data that is sent by the user browser to your web server. The lock icon in the address bar is the indicator that a website is protecting your visitors’ data.

What happens when a website is not secure?

A website that is not secure may expose user data to data theft and eavesdropping.   

It is for this reason that search engine providers such as Google will rank secure websites higher, subsequently penalizing those without security.   A website that is not secure will have a lower search engine placement.

How do I secure my website?

The easiest way to secure your website is to hire a profession to do it for you.   That is not to say, however, that you cannot do it yourself.  Your hosting provider may be able to assist you.

To talk with me about securing your website, please contact me to request a consultation. Depending on your current hosting provider, there may be some very inexpensive options for you to explore.

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