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A website needs to load fast a reliably.  Images must be optimized, sized correctly and the overall payload of data must be as small as possible.  Achieving this effectively will earn valuable points in rankings.

Quality Content

Relevant content that is keyword rich is the starting point for any well orchestrated SEO plan. While frequent updates with new content is very important, it is cornerstone content that can make or break search result placement.

Website Security

A website that is secured with SSL is great for SEO and vital for your website’s visitors.  A website that is not secure may expose user data to data theft and eavesdropping.   Look for the lock icon in the address bar

User Experience

The user experience is an important part of SEO because search engine providers have developed technology to detect readability and other problems. For instance, text that does not contrast well with its background will hinder search result placement.

Mobile Friendly

With so many smart phone users, people are looking to their phones for information about local businesses  while on the go and even from the couch.  A mobile friendly website is an absolute necessity. 

Social Integration

Search engine providers look to social media to gauge the popularity of a website. This means social network integration is an important part of SEO and management of social networks must be a regular routine for website owners.  The more shares the merrier.

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