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On Page SEO: Web Page Performance

Search Engine Optimization

We make websites that outperform the competitors.

We know what it takes to make a website fast and reliable and we can prove it.  You may be losing new leads because of a slow website.  Simply put, we have analyzed dozens of competitor websites and just can’t find another that performs like we do.  Honestly, we were shocked.

A high score on PageSpeed Insights pushes your page rank upward.

PSI is measured on a scale from 0 to 100 and is separated into 3 groups.  An acceptable score is anything within the 90th percentile.  Anything at 95 or above is considered very good.  Achieving 100 is the best possible scenario, is very difficult to achieve and will put you in the 98th percentile of performing websites. Test our website here.  In fact, test any website you want.

* The score displayed is typical.  This website and those of our clients who received our website optimization service reliably achieve scores between 91 and 100.

Why are PageSpeed Insights important?

The speed of a website directly correlates to the user experience.  This is part of why the calculated search result placement will be improved for websites with a high score.  

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