Getting Started

How much input do I have in the process?

During the process of building your website, you have all of the input you want.  It is, after all, your website. While we will provide you with our advice for best practices, you always have the option to say, "no, I want to do this instead".  We will be very candid...

Why do I need a web site?

Because so many people are turning to their phones or computers to do research on local businesses, it is important that every business has a website. Even for those businesses that only offer services and those that do not sell products online, a website can give you...

Do I need to have all my content prepared prior to contacting you?

It is not necessary to have all of your content prepared before starting on a website project.  In fact, during the development of your website I will want to help you organize your content so that it is better prepared for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and user...

Do I need to hire a local web designer?

It is not necessary to hire a local web designer.  We have been building websites for 20 years and whether local or long distance the work we do is almost always done remotely.

Why should I hire a professional website designer?

Business owners should hire a professional website designer because someone who is experienced with building websites will be able to provide the expertise that is required to do it efficiently and effectively. There are many benefits of hiring a professional website...

Will you help walk me through the whole process?

When we work on a website together, we will walk you through the whole process.  This is because we want your website to be second to only you and your employees as your business's most valuable asset.   To achieve this, it is important that you understand what items...

Can you revise my current or finish my uncompleted website?

If you have an existing website or have an uncompleted website we may be able to revise it or finish the work.  We will first need to discover the state of the website then determine the extent of the work that will be required to complete the tasks you request.  This...

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