I am a web DEVELOPER and I love sharing stuff. This blog is where I share small business information and website ideas.

CSS Styling Based On Dynamic Data

When creating content we often want our dynamic content to be styled according to the underlying data.  This is fairly easy to accomplish by adding a few elements to your style sheet, preparing your HTML output and some simple additions to your PHP code. Let's take a...

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Add A Little Wiggle To Your Page

Recently, I saw a page with a button that did a little wiggle every so often and thought it was pretty cool.  So, I set out to figure it out.  This is intended for WordPress with jQuery. This is what it looks like. A Super Special Button@-webkit-keyframes wiggle{ 0%...

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Small Business: Maximize Flexibility

For small businesses, it’s a thin line between success and failure. Flexibility is key. This ability to respond swiftly often gives small businesses a desirable advantage over their much-larger competitors because they can adapt to take advantage of growing...

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Year-Round Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

Successful small business owners must master operations, sales, customer service, marketing, human resources and accounting. They must also maintain accurate accounting books in order to maximize tax liabilities. A receipt-scanning program helps quickly document and...

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How to Better Monetize Your Website

Now that the Internet is in everyone’s back pocket, it’s not just about distinguishing your website from others. It is about “Conversions,”which are based on content and how much time visitors spend on your site. High traffic doesn't mean much if the average visitor...

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3 Tools Every Small Business Should Use

With regards to technology, small businesses and entrepreneurs working out of a home office used to be at a competitive disadvantage. But the abundance of productivity tools and online resources for small businesses has changed all that. Being small doesn't have to...

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