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Interactive Event and Location Maps

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Interactive maps help keep customers coming

Many businesses are all over the map and letting people know where they are does not have to be complicated.  Some website solutions offer the ability to add static information to help communicate the whereabouts of a business but those solutions are limiting and not very helpful.

An event calendar that includes interactive maps is the answer.  Adding new events and locations is pretty straightforward and the reward is that the content is managed automatically.   This means, for example, that past events are automatically removed, events are ordered by date (regardless of when they are entered into the website) and organized by whatever categories you choose.

There are a variety of event solutions that can be added to a website.  We’ve used several and some even offer the ability to sell event tickets right from the website.   Why pay hefty fees to third party ticketing providers if you can do it yourself?

We recently implemented an interactive map of events solution for a Columbus area food truck.  The Redwood Wagon uses it to keep foodies up to date on their events around town and as a result has seen significant growth.  Of course, it helps that their food is pretty darn awesome!

Other ways businesses could benefit from this type of website feature are:

  • Meet & Greets for an Animal Rescue
  • Performance locations of Musicians and other entertainers
  • Local Meetups for niche groups
  • Upcoming location of traveling vendors

Of course, there are so many more.  For example, organizations don’t need to be in multiple places to benefit from a calendar of events.  Religious groups can keep their followers up to speed on community events at the church and so on and so forth.

What ways do you think a calendar of events can benefit a business?