What domain name should I choose?

Choosing a domain name for you business website is an important task.  The name you choose will be with you for some time and become a part of you businesses’s branding.

As such, choosing a name that is both part of an existing brand and is easy for people to remember is important.

Often times, my clients want a domain name that is already taken but find that the derivative .net or .us is available.  What happens is people will remember the first part them on their own add .com to the end.  Now that person is on another website and they may not understand why.

It is for this reason that I strongly recommend that you choose a name that is available in the .com version.  While it may not be exactly what you would like, it will be better in the long run.

Additionally, you might consider, if available, getting the other derivatives of the same same.  Registering other versions of the same domain such as the .net, .org and .us will help to secure your brand.


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