Can you guarantee high search engine rankings?

In short no, we cannot guarantee a high search engine ranking.  If we could we might just be among the wealthiest people in the world because nobody can make that guarantee.  If you want a top spot “guaranteed” then you should talk to me about advertising, which is not dependent on SEO.

In the organic world, your websites search engine ranking will depend on many different factors that even if all of them fall into place there are no sure things.  Your overall ranking on the search engines will influenced by:

  1. Market saturation
    A highly saturated market will dilute your primary keywords and phrases.  It is still possible to do well but it will be an uphill battle to become #1.
  2. Quality of Content
    Search engines have become smart.  The quality of your content will be a big determining factor in your search engine ranking.   Make sure your content has quality above all else.  Many will try to embed content with keywords and phrases to the extend it reads as if written by a robot.  Instead, focus on quality.
  3. Web Server Speed
    Your website’s pages should load fast with very little wait time for the initial server response.  The little spinning thing on the tabs of your web browser serves as an indicator of what is happening.  When the little spinning thing is turning counter clockwise it is sending data to the server and waiting for a response.  When it spins clockwise the server is sending data to your browser.  The counter spinning should be short and sweet as this will represent your server’s response time when search engines are evaluating your website for speed.
  4. Page Load Speed
    The time it take your pages to load and render will have an impact on your search engine ranking.  Pages that require a lot or render time or have a huge payload will have a lower ranking than sites that perform well in this area.
  5. Image Optimization
    Large clunky images will have a huge negative impact on your websites Page Load Speed.  Because of this, all images should be sized appropriately for different screen sizes and utilize next-gen formats whenever possible.  Doing this correctly will significantly reduce the overall payload of your website’s pages and will increase its Page Load Speed.
  6. Time for First Interaction
    Other payload sources might include JavaScript files, style sheets and third party resources.  Each of these must have their delivery optimized to reduce the Page Load Speed and reduce the Time for First Interaction.  The Time for First Interaction is the amount of time that elapses before a user can begin interacting with your website’s page.

While this does not cover every little detail, we hope you get the idea.  The whole process is a balanced performance of things that collectively will determine your search engine ranking.


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