Can I see my site while it is under development?

During the process of developing your website, you will be able to see its progress.  This will not necessarily be real time and may be in the form of periodic updates.

The reason for this is that I often use multiple sandbox environments when developing a website. A “sandbox” is a web server environment that is specifically configured for the purpose of developing and testing website software.  Because I utilize a variety of sandbox tools in my home office, the progress of the development may not be world facing and therefore not available for you to see in real time.

Your ability to see your website while is is being developed, however, is important.  Even in the case of using a local sandbox environment, I will periodically sync the changes and the work I have done to a world facing environment so that you may see it.  This process helps to make sure that we remain on the same page as the scope of the project and gives you the opportunity to provide feedback as needed.

The process and frequency of these types of updates may be outlined in the agreement prior to starting work.


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