Building a Business Website

Organization is the key to building a performing website

Your website can do amazing things.

There are so many options when it comes to building or refreshing a website.  The right combination of these things will influence your online success.

To build a website one must first have the basic building blocks.  Will it have a contact form?  Does it need a photo gallery?  What about booking options or virtual coupons?

Once determined, these items collectively will be the construction of your website. When well executed your website can do amazing things.

Looking for inspiration?

Inspiration can come in many forms.  Ordinary experiences, the environment that surrounds us and wisdom from friends can all be a great source.  Sometimes it’s just that little extra nudge that takes our ideas to the next level.  I have created this list of things (below) you might be able to do with your website.  If you find some ideas in these then let me know and I will help your refine them into a website.

Explore the process.

I am often asked about the process of building a website.  Once you have a concept, it boils down to a three essential parts. While each of these has a significant share of smaller pieces. without these three major foundations the process might more closely resemble chaos.   


We must first come to an accord as to what you want.  We’ll work together and come up with a design strategy then set some goals including timelines.  During this part of the project we will discuss your content and get ourselves well organized. 



Now that we are on the same page development of your website shall being. This is the time for you to gather any content that was previously discussed and get it to me in a timely manner.  Meanwhile, I will be working on getting things together. 


If everything went as planned, and it will, we should be working on any final adjustments. We might find a few spelling errors and some things that need to be tweaked. After a couple of passes over everything the new website is ready for the world!

Why choose me to build your website?



Two Decades of Website Design and Development.


Home office means no huge overhead costs.


Located in Columbus and always up for coffee.


Coming up with intuative ideas is fun and exciting.

Let's get stared!

It's exciting that you are here and I am ready to work with you on your Columbus Business website.
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