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About Us

I am a Web Developer

Hello. we’re!

We have been asking the question, “How would you like your web?” since 1997.  To you, we ask the same question and would love to hear from you about where it is you want to take your online business.

Here’s a bit more about us.

As a youngster,’s founder, Michael Love, was always kinda nerdy.  Not in the pocket protector kind of way.  More like just always loved tech, gadgets and stuff like that.  He had a Commodore 64 back in the day and would sit at it for hours punching out code in BASIC. Yes.  Nerdy.

Then years later Al Gore invented the internet.  :-|  Thank goodness for that!  As a curiosity he created a “Home Page” with the plans of posting things about his Chocolate Lab, Moondance.  On a side note, she was his Brown Eyed Girl and was named after the Van Morrison song.   Anyway, there were some limitations on what could be done so he wrote a custom script written in Perl to automate some tasks.  Not long after, he started getting messages from people asking, “How did you do that on your website?”

It didn’t take long before he realized an opportunity existed so along came in 1997.

In the beginning, focused on custom software.  It then expanded into web design, web hosting and even domain name registration.

Eventually, sold off the hosting clients and transferred client domain names to other registrars.   It simply became too much to compete with those large companies. shifted gears a bit then over the next many years focused solely on website development.  This after all, was what he loves the most.

5 software languages later it is what we do today.   And because of how GoDaddy and other similar companies so easily pushed us out of certain business models, we decided that we wanted to work largely with small or medium sized businesses.

Our hope is that helping other small businesses be successful will not only bring us success but will help them stick it to the large corporations and remain a competitive contribution to our communities.

Our Mission

We are a web development agency for small businesses so that they may have a website that is fast, affordable and drives leads to their business.

My Essense

We focus on imagination, inspiring others, individuality and thoughtful consideration as to how we may improve the lives of those around us.

My Promise

We will always be candid and truthful.  We will be diligent, stay on task and effectively communicate throughout the development of your project.

My Vibe

We have a strange sense of humor, are intelligent and often distracted by focus.  We love the work we do and you will recognize that.

No Obligation Strategic Talk

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Two Decades of Website Design and Development.


Home offices means no huge overhead costs.


Located in Columbus and always up for coffee.


Coming up with intuitive ideas is fun and exciting!

Still not sure?

That's okay and understandable.  We are here to help you and make sure you have the information to make great decisions.  Contact us with any questions, and we will get in touch.